Uncertainty is the Enemy of Investment. Even Large Tech Firms Say So.

Stable Patent System Underpins a Successful Economy

Still more voices are attesting to the instability of patent policy in the U.S., noted Steve Brachman on IPWatchdog.com last week, reporting on the May 8 discussion, “The Impact of Uncertainty and Negative Attitudes Towards IP Rights on U.S. Business,” which was part of an International IP Commercialization Council (IIPCC)-sponsored event in Washington, DC. read more


Amici Join Fight for Evolutionary Intelligence

U.S. Inventor, Inc. and IP Lodge BVBA Submit Briefs In Support

Last month I requested amici to support a combined petition for rehearing and rehearing en banc at the Federal Circuit in Evolutionary Intelligence LLC v. Sprint Nextel Corp., et al., which Evolutionary Intelligence had filed on April 19, 2017.

On behalf of Evolutionary Intelligence, I am extremely pleased that both IP Lodge BVBA and U.S. Inventor, Inc. submitted briefs on May 3, 2017. read more


Rest in Peace, Ray Niro. You Will Be Missed.

In Memoriam Raymond P. Niro Sr.

Last week my heart turned over, after news from Italy. For me as for many others who knew Ray Niro, worked both with him and adverse to him, the week since has been one of reflection tinged with sadness.

Today I attended the service for Ray, to honor a man I deeply admired, learned from, and over the years came to know as a dear friend. It is a hard loss. read more