Thoughts on Courts

Forward-Thinking, Future-Shaping Federal Circuit

In her article on Huffington Post, “The Forward-Thinking, Future-Shaping Federal Circuit,” employment attorney and Wake Forest University law professor Abigail Perdue addresses the unique nature of the Court (where she also clerked for Judge Jimmie A. Reyna):

[T]he Federal Circuit is the only circuit where every judge resides in the same location, generating an unparalleled culture of collegiality and collaboration. It is also the only circuit with nationwide jurisdiction, so its opinions control across America and are not geographically limited like other circuits’ decisions. read more


Timing is Everything: SAP Slapped Down

Three days ago, the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear German software giant SAP’s appeal of a $345 million patent judgment, according to a story in Reuters.

SAP will have to pay the patent infringement judgment, which has now grown to $391 million due to accrued interest, even though the USPTO’s Patent Trial and Appeal Board is reviewing the validity of the patents at issue. read more


Former Chief Judge at Federal Circuit Issues Warning

Former Federal Circuit Chief Judge Paul Michel is concerned about the pending legislative actions intended to curb the actions of so-called “patent trolls.”

Check out this news piece on

The Federal Circuit under Judge Michel achieved a measured and thoughtful approach to patent appeals—and a deep appreciation for the importance of innovation in American business. read more