Behemoth-Tech and the Little Innovators —  This Tale Ends, But the Story’s Not Over

Part IV of A Four-Part Tale: The Demise of Innovation, Or, Perhaps, the Birth of Hope

Once in a while, it’s fun to get creative about something you feel passionate about, and that’s how this “fairy tale” came to be. Over the course of the first three installments, the big and powerful B-Techs became frustrated when the New Innovators threatened their dominance, so they hatched a pernicious plan to bring down the pesky patentees.

This tale concludes today, but it remains to be seen where the real story will lead …

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Part IV: The Demise of Innovation, Or, Perhaps, the Birth of Hope

The fairy tale one always wishes will have a happy ending. Will this one? We’re not sure.

For once it was known that the competitive position of the New Innovators could be undercut in the courts and that the B-Techs’ devious plan would become an unencumbered success, the B-Techs prepared a celebration. Everyone planned to celebrate the demise of the trolls. They promised joy throughout the land.

But underneath this manufactured joy was great sorrow, for the deeper truth was that New Innovators were the lifeblood of their country’s great success—and they always had been, ever since a revered 200-plus-year-old Foundational Document had enshrined patent rights in its first article (in section 8 to be precise).

And it came to be that the B-Techs’ ability to force the people to believe they should be happy would prove short-lived. For the B-Techs were destroying the very inventors and entrepreneurs who could provide the people with breakthrough toys. One can only imagine what would have happened if the B-Techs and the New Innovators had joined forces.  However, without having anything new to feed to their people, the B-Techs lost the worship of the people, who of course had long ago tired or forgotten about the original amazing innovations of the B-Techs.

Nothing was new anymore for the people. Nothing was exciting. (After all, people thought, how many more megapixels do I need?) The future looked barren indeed, even if viewed through rose-tinted lenses in a virtual reality headset.

And so it was. A few small voices began whispering that it was time for a New Reality. Others began listening. And there was born A New Hope.




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