Patent Troll Sues FTC. Doomed To Fail?

The general feeling among attorneys is that MPHJ Technology Investments LLC’s recently filed lawsuit against the Federal Trade Commission is doomed. This at least according to a recent piece in Law360.

MPHJ, you will remember, is truly the troll’s troll. It sues young and old, thin and not-so thin, for-profit and not-so-for-profit to assert its rights in scanner technologies. It has provoked the righteous indignation of attorneys-general in Nebraska and Vermont, and has even irked POTUS.

But the suit shows we may already have tools we need to deal with the bad trolls, and we probably ought not “throw the [innovation] baby out with the bath water,” passing short-sited legislation that could would hurt small inventors and research organizations.

Here’s the article. Worth a quick scan.



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